What You Can Do to Help #SaveTheShowbox

Historic Seattle is leading the charge to help #SaveTheShowbox, and this article from them outlines the movement and the importance of saving this venue. Check it out to get more information. 

What's most important to recognize at this point is that this fight will not be quick. These movements take time and go through many people before change can happen. Keep up the fight and spread the word! 

Call the Seattle City Council representatives below, or reach them via email, to urge them to vote to save The Showbox on Monday, August 13th.

Photo by @dcongerphoto

Photo by @dcongerphoto

seattle city council

Lisa Herbold

Bruce Harrell

Rob Johnson

Debora Juarez

Mike O'Brien

Sally Bagshaw

Teresa Mosqueda

Lorena Gonzalez


other ways to help

Call Mayor Durkan: (206)-684-4000

Explain your experiences at The Showbox and why it's important to you and to the Seattle community. Mayor Durkan can also be reached via email at